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Ancient Britain Tour

May 16th - 28th

Listen to Mandy

What became of Jesus Christ after the age of twelve?  Where the biblical text drops off, the Traditions of Christ in England Tour picks up.  Through travel, we explore the story that Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus's great uncle, took Christ to Glastonbury, England where he met and married Mary Magdalene. It is also said that three children came from this union.  From this story, comes the tradition and story of the “Holy Grail.”


All tour sites are designed to explore the people and places associated with this bloodline or "Holy Grail"--those who were descendents of this bloodline or sworn protectors of it–with a particular emphasis on the Knights Templar.  

Places visited include:

Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, London, Cambridge, Lincoln, and of course Scotland.  And for the Pride and Prejudice aficionado, we throw in a

quick visit to Lyme Park (aka. Pemberley).


Anyone can take you to Great Britain. 

But, few have the background, knowledge and passion Mandy has

to bring this tale to life.

This is a rare opportunity not to be missed!

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