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Egypt Tour

October 16th-28th

Listen to Mandy

Egypt offers the most complete picture of the heavens, and the gods and goddesses who work to return us back to our heavenly home. This learning adventure is for those seeking answers to the most pressing human questions about who you are, where you came from and why you are here.  These questions are all answered very beautifully and succinctly in Egypt.

I've been to Israel, I've been to England, I've been to France and they all have beautiful pieces, but perhaps pieces to a different puzzle. As far as gaining greater insight into the great cosmic plan of the heavens and the purpose of life, Egypt is the best place to pick up that trail. The ancients went to painstaking endeavors to record these truths in stone, to stand the test of time so that others could benefit and learn from them.  We explore what they left behind in an attempt to further spiritual growth

But that's not all!

We rent the Great Pyramid to ourselves!  We take an early morning balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, sail on the river Nile, eat with locals, and stay in the best possible places so that you can rest and be ready for another day of adventure.  If there is a deep heavenly homesickness within you that you haven't been able to answer, Egypt is the place for you.

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