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France Pilgrimage

March 5-15, 2023

Listen to Mandy

The France excursion is going to be a very different kind of experience. This is not a tour. This is a pilgrimage. This is for the seeker. This is for the person who feels a deep longing to grow closer to Mary Magdalene, to understand her work, her life here and her eternal identity. 


We will learn about the “Bride of Christ” and explore the trails and traditions surrounding their bloodline and the Holy Grail.  We will walk where she walked, read, contemplate, and spend time getting to know her better.

places we visit include:

Marie de la Mer, the first site Mary Magdala was said to land in Europe;  St. Baume, a cave and hillside famous for her teaching and instruction; and the Lanquedoc for other sites in southern France tied to this tradition and to Her family.  Additional stops include: Carcassonne, a site tied to the Cathars, Chartres Cathedral, a magnificent gothic edifice built by The Templar Knights and a visit to Paris, but in a different way than you may have seen Paris before.

This pilgrimage holds a special place in my heart as does Mary. 

I hope to introduce her to you in a way that illumintaes her magnificence.  Join me as we take this journey together. 

Seating is VERY limited.

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