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50 Things from the First 50 Years Part II

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Good Love is worth waiting for! How Can I Tell You? Cat Stevens, and He’ll Make me Happy, Great Muppet Caper

Be Authentic. Don’t Play to the Crowd, Be YOU. You are more magnificent in the eyes of heaven and those that love you than you can imagine! YOU! Lany

Even though you have no clue, Parenthood is amazing: Dear Theodosia, from Hamilton

Only WE can slay our own dragons. But heaven will help. Race You To the Top of the Morning, The Secret Garden Broadway 2001

It’s the Climb. The Climb, Miley Cyrus

Every season, weather, time has its own beauty and purpose. Happy When it Rains, The Jesus and Mary Chain

READ READ AND READ SOME MORE! Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits

You may not be some people’s cup of tea and that’s ok. Begin Again, Taylor Swift

Family is everything. They are the ones in it for the long haul. Us Against the World, Coldplay

Keep on Keeping ON. Secret World, Peter Gabriel, LIVE SECRET WORLD ALBUM

As part of humanity, you Will Get hurt. What will you do with it? Don’t Look back in Anger, Oasis

Jesus is the ANCHOR that will hold. And you can always seek him. You’re never too bad for him. I Still Talk To Jesus, LANY, Heavenly Father: Heart of a Girl, the Killers

Desire is Everything! You get what you pray for. When you wake up, spiritually, there’s no going back. It’s a leap of no return. What’s Up Danger? Blackway and Black

Travel is the most wonderful Teacher. Chinese Quote: Wake Up, Arcade Fire

Sometimes you have to just find out for yourself. Defying Gravity

When you turn your life over to the Lord and heaven, they will Make more of it than you ever thought possible. Someones Waiting for You, from the Rescuers

Feel the Fear and Do it ANYWAY! And DO it NOW! Be TRUE to what you feel inside of you! American Girl, Tom Petty (And make it to Jerusalem sometime in your lifetime!)

Nobody is stronger than the Ocean or the Sun. And NOTHING on earth, no sin,

mistake, grief, trial, etc, is stronger than Jesus: Gratitude, Brandon Lake

Love Life–all of it. Even in the Storms, there’s an eye of amazingness. Welcome to Your Life, Group Love

Be On the Look out your people and love them hard. You may not be everyone's cup of tea and that is just fine. Missing Piece, Vance Joy

SHE is REAL. And She’s part of you. SHE cares about you more than you can imagine. And YOU are her child. Shelter from the Storm, Bob Dylan

Never lose your sense of wonder! What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

Love multiplies joys and divides sorrows. BELIEVE IN TRUE LOVE!!! And that shows up in the most natural, beautiful way, and Sees you through storms, etc. Somebody to Watch Over Me, Sting or When we Dance, by Sting or Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton (I couldn’t decide!)

It’s ok, even healthy to let go. LET GO and know that I am God. Apocalypse, Cigarettes after Sex

We all need Therapy. We have a lot of patterns, shiz to shed. In The Blood, John Mayer

Stop, breathe, REST, recover and mend. BE! Forever in Blue Jeans, Neil Diamond

Be anti-fragile 2023! Own your shit. Remember why here here! It’s not perfect lives, its to be wrecked and grow stronger from it! Dying Breed, the Killers

LAUGH LAUGH AND LAUGH SOME MORE!!! Laughter is BALM. It diffuses even the worst tensions, moods, all of it. When you can either laugh or cry, laugh. I Love to Laugh, Mary Poppins

And finally, Reflect Light! Reflecting Light, Sam Phillips

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