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LET GO= רָפה verb sink, relax


Qal Perfect3masculine singular Judges 19:9 (yet see below); 3 feminine singular רָֽפִ֑תָה Judges 8:3; Jeremiah 49:24, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular יִרְמֶּה Isaiah 5:24, וַיִּרֶף Exodus 4:26 (see below), etc.; —

1 sink down, of hay in flame Isaiah 5:24; sink, decline, of day Judges 19:9 (si vera lectio; ᵐ5L κέκλικεν, GFM נָטָה [but how explain the difficult רפה?]). Usu.

2 sink, drop (of wings, see

Pi`el), of hands, with מִן Nehemiah 6:9 their hands will drop from the work (in fear); elsewhere absolute figurative = lose heart, energy, 2 Samuel 4:1; Isaiah 13:7; Jeremiah 6:24; Jeremiah 50:43; Ezekiel 7:17; Ezekiel 21:12; Zephaniah 3:16; יָרַיִם omitted Jeremiah 49:24.

3 sink, relax, abate, of temper Judges 8:3 (+ מֵעַל person).

4 relax, withdraw, subject ׳י, מִן person Exodus 4:26 (J), i.e. let one alone (but read perhaps וַיֶרֶף, see Hiph`il).

Niph`al Participle plural נִרְמִּים idle Exodus 5:8,17 (J).

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular רִמָּה Job 12:21; Imperfect3feminine plural תְּרַמֶּינָה Ezekiel 1:24,25; Participle מְרַמֵּא (Ges§ 75rr) Jeremiah 38:4; plural מְמִַּים Ezra 4:4; — causative: let wings drop Ezekiel 1:24,25 (read

Qal, כנפיהם subject, ᵐ5 Co Toy Krae and others, who strike out in Ezekiel 1:25); loosen and let drop, girdle of mighty, figurative for weaken them Job 12:21; with accusative hands, figurative for enfeeble, dishearten Jeremiah 38:4; Ezra 4:4.

Hiph`il Imperfect, 3 masculine singular suffix יַרְמְּךָ Deuteronomy 4:31 +; jussive 2 masculine singular תֶּ֫רֶף Joshua 10:6 +, etc.; Imperative masculine singular הַרְמֵּה Judges 11:37; 2 Kings 4:27; הֶֶ֫רֶךָ Deuteronomy 9:14 +; masculine plural הַרְמּוּ Psalm 46:11; — causative,

1 let drop, the hand 2 Samuel 24:16 = 1 Chronicles 21:15; figurative, + מִןperson, = abandon, Joshua 10:6 (JE); perhaps also (יָד omitted) = relax, refrainExodus 4:26 (reading וַיֶרֶף, see

Qal); accusative of thing, = abandon, forsake, Nehemiah 6:3, so (subject ׳י) Psalm 138:8; subject ׳י, with accusative of person, Deuteronomy 4:31; Deuteronomy 31:6,8; Joshua 1:5 (D), 1 Chronicles 28:20.

2 let go, suffix person, Songs 3:4 (opposed to אחז); figurative, accusative (omitted) מוּסָר, Proverbs 4:13 (opposed to החזיק), צְדָקָה Job 27:6 (opposed to id.).

3 refrain, with מִן person, = let one alone Judges 11:37; Deuteronomy 9:14, מִןof anger Psalm 37:8; with ל person 1 Samuel 11:3; 2 Kings 4:27; accusative of person Job 7:19; absolute let alone, i.e. do nothing, be quiet, 1 Samuel 15:16; Psalm 46:11 (compare Weir in Dr1Samuel 15:16). — Jeremiah 3:22; Job 5:18; Psalm 60:4 see רָפָא.

Hithpa`el Perfect2masculine singular הִתְרַמִּיתָ Proverbs 24:10 hast shewn thyself slack; Participle מִתְרַמֶּה Proverbs 18:9 one shewing himself slack, plural מִתְרַמִּים Joshua 18:3. — See also רָפָא heal.

NASB Translation מִשְׂגָּב MSGAV: FORTRESS

lofty stronghold (1), refuge (1), stronghold (14), unassailable (1).


I. מִשְׂגַּב noun [masculine AlbrZAW xvi (1896), 60] secure height, retreat; — ׳מ Psalm +; construct מִשְׂגַּב Isaiah 25:12; suffix מִשְׂגַּבִּי Psalm 18:3 +, etc.; —

1. a. = strong-hold, חֹמֹתֶיךָ ׳מִבְצַר מ Isaiah 25:12.

b. figurative of security Isaiah 33:16.

II. מִשְׂגָּב Perhaps proper name, of a location in Moab; — ׳הַמּJeremiah 48:1 (see SchwZAW viii (1888), 196 Albrl.c.), Αμαθ; Gf thinks appell. of Kir Moab (see II. קִיר); most below I. ׳מ 1.

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.” – Tony Schwartz

“In the Chinese metaphysical tradition this is termed wu-hsin or ‘idealness’, signifying a state of consciousness in which one simply accepts experiences as they come without interfering with them on the one hand or identifying oneself with them on the other. One does not judge them, form theories about them, try to control them, or attempt to change their nature in any way; one lets them be free to be just exactly what they are. ‘The perfect man’, said Chuang-tzu, ’employs his mind as a mirror; it grasps nothing, it refuses nothing, it receives but does not keep.” – Alan W. Watts

BE STILL by the Killers

Be still

And go on to bed

Nobody knows what lies ahead

And life is short

To say the least

We're in the belly of the beast

Be still

Wild and young

Long may your innocence reign

Like shells on the shore

And may your limits be unknown

And may your efforts be your own

If you ever feel you can't take it anymore

Don't break character

You've got a lot of heart

Is this real or just a dream?

Rise up like the sun

Labor 'til the work is done

Be still

One day you'll leave

Fearlessness on your sleeve

When you've come back, tell me what did you see

What did you see?

Was there something out there for me?

Be still

Close your eyes

Soon enough you'll be on your own

Steady and straight

And if they drag you through the mud

It doesn't change what's in your blood

(Over rock, over chain, over trap, over plain)

When they knock you down

Don't break character

You've got a lot of heart

Is this real or just a dream?

Be still

Be still

Over rock and chain

Over sunset plain

Over trap and snare

When you're in too deep

In your wildest dream

In your made up scheme

When they knock you down

When they knock you down

Don't break character

You've got so much heart

Is this real or just a dream?

Oh rise up like the sun and

Labor 'til the work is done

Rise up like the sun and

Labor 'til the work is

Rise up like the sun and

Labor 'til the work is done

Songwriters: Brandon Flowers / Daniel Roland Lanois / Dave Brent Keuning / Mark August Stoermer / Ronnie Jr. Vannucci

Be Still lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Concord Music Publishing LLC


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